Rep. Mannix on record setting fentanyl bust, suspect released from jail

Representative Mannix Responds to Record-Setting Fentanyl Bust, Suspect Released from Jail, Failing to Appear in Court
By Oregon State Representative Kevin Mannix
Campaign press release,

SALEM, OR – Today, Representative Kevin Mannix (R-Salem) responded to the news of a lead suspect in a record-setting fentanyl bust being released from jail and then failing to appear in court. This morning it was announced that the suspect is now back in custody.

“During the 2023 Legislative Session, I introduced a bill, House Bill 2135, which would have prevented this very type of ‘Catch and Release’ situation. This legislation did not even get a hearing,” said Representative Mannix. “This story makes an incredibly compelling case for why the ‘Catch and Release’ scenario must be reversed. The Legislature must pass a law to return to the traditional system of holding felons and class A misdemeanor offenders until a circuit judge can review the charges and the criminal record of the defendant.”

Representative Mannix states that although the Legislature was not willing to pursue this much needed change, he will be advocating for change in another way.

“The Legislature passed Oregon’s devastating ‘Catch and Release’ Law during what I call the COVID-19 Session – where the building was largely shutdown, and public input was minimal at best. Senate Bill 48 was passed under the guise of reforming the bail system which Oregon had already done 40 years ago,” said Representative Mannix.“While I was disappointed the Legislature was not willing to take this on and make the critical changes necessary, I am now working on a private ballot initiative to end this problem once and for all in our state. I am confident Oregon voters will seize the chance to end ‘Catch and Release’ and return common sense to our justice system.”

Representative Mannix was elected to serve House District 21 in 2022. He is an accomplished attorney, business executive, and dedicated community leader. His campaign website is