Case to pull Trump from Oregon ballot goes to top court

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Free Speech for People is trying to get Donald Trump removed from the Oregon ballot following the surprise in the Colorado State Court decision.

First, Free Speech for People asked the Secretary of State to remove Trump and were denied. Now they are asking the Oregon State Supreme Court to intervene.

Oregon is part of  15 states that are being sued to do the same; California, Maine, Alaska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Vermont and Virginia.

Here are some leading important voices on the dangers of the Colorado decision and the efforts to unlawfully remove a leading Presidential candidate from the ballot:

• The Washington Post Associate Editor Ruth Marcus states, “Section 3 of the 14th Amendment should not be used to prevent Americans from voting to elect the candidate of their choice

• The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board notes,”This would seem to violate the due-process protections that are explicit elsewhere in the Constitution. Removing Mr. Trump by fiat would also deny voters the constitutional right to vote for the candidate of their choice. See Reynolds v. Sims (1964), among other precedents. This is precisely the right that Mr. Smith, the special prosecutor, accuses Mr. Trump of violating. Democrats would arguably be committing the same offense.”

• The decision split the Colorado Court. Colorado Justice Carlos Samour Jr. wrote in the dissent, “More broadly, I am disturbed about the potential chaos wrought by an imprudent, unconstitutional, and standardless system in which each state gets to adjudicate Section Three disqualification cases on an ad hoc basis. Surely, this enlargement of state power is antithetical to the framers’ intent.”

• The Georgia Secretary of State noted “Invoking the 14th Amendment is merely the newest way of attempting to short-circuit the ballot box. Since 2018, Georgia has seen losing candidates and their lawyers try to sue their way to victory. It doesn’t work. Stacey Abrams’s claims of election mismanagement following the 2018 election were rejected in court, as were Mr. Trump’s after the 2020 election.Mr. Trump might win the nomination and general election. Or he could lose. The outcomes should be determined by the people who show up to make their preference known in primaries (including Georgia’s on March 12) and the general election on Nov. 5. A process that denies voters their chance to be the deciding factor in the nomination and election process would erode the belief in our uniquely American representative democracy. For a secretary of state to remove a candidate would only reinforce the grievances of those who see the system as rigged and corrupt. Denying voters the opportunity to choose is fundamentally un-American.”

POST-SCRIPT: The Taxpayers Association of Oregon took the time to find these great authoritative quotes above dispelling the Colorado decision.  Use these voices and facts to share with family and friends, especially over the holiday weekend.   The tide is turning against this terrible decision already and we Oregonians who safeguard The Constitution need every quality fact and truth at our side to help move more Oregonians.

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