We posted 1,500+ articles in 2023 (we could use a hand)

By Jason Williams
Oregon Catalyst Team

This coalition website posted over 1,500 articles this year.

It takes a lot of human effort, not just to crank out 1,500 stories but to defend a modern website against virus attacks, spam attacks, glitches, human errors and online censors.  It is overwhelming for what is primarily a volunteer effort.

Consider the free no-ad/no-paywall public service this website provides.

We posted …

• exclusive political stories.
• breaking news events as they unfolded.
• press releases by friendly lawmakers/groups who had great news, but no other site to broadcast it upon.
• call-to-action articles on important bills, ballot measures, petitions.
• easy-to-read post-election results.
• opposing viewpoints (gasp! this is frowned upon with most political websites)
• lots of bullet points.
• lots of political cartoons and memes (because we politically active Oregonians need a laugh break)

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