Truck rams cop car (photo). 2x theft in 1 day.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

So a top theft ringleader gets caught stealing.

He drives away from police, and the cops do not pursue (politicians tie cops hands from following criminals)

He gets caught stealing again the same day.

This time the man wrecks a police vehicle in an attempt to escape, putting the lives of our police in extreme harm.

Portland Police report, “Officers arrested a man and woman believed to be involved in a string of burglaries and at least one vehicle theft. On Wednesday, December 13, 2023, North Precinct officers responded to a business in the 4000 Block of North Interstate Avenue to investigate reports that a stolen vehicle was parked at the location. During the course of the investigation, officers recovered the vehicle and identified two suspects. The suspects, a man and woman, arrived at the location in a second vehicle. When officers attempted to contact them, they drove away recklessly. Officers did not pursue. (case number 23-321501). Later in the evening, officers responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle in the 11000 Block of Northeast Sandy Boulevard. With the assistance of PPB’s Air Support Unit, officers recognized the vehicle as the one that eluded earlier…The male driver tried ramming the police cruisers in an attempt to elude, but he eventually burned out the vehicle’s tires and gave up….Upon further investigation, officers determined a lock had been cut off from a unit at the storage facility. Officers located a large number of stolen items in the stolen vehicle Newton and Ingram were driving and now believe they are responsible for burglarizing a number of storage units in the lot. Additionally, officers are investigating the possibility that the suspects are involved in other vehicle thefts.”  

— If you hate crime, sign the citizen petition to end early release.

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