What’s wrong with this picture? Non-profit says “the billboard”

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

You won’t believe this, but as the amazing above photo shows a car burning (a common Portland sight) next to a political billboard by People for Portland, and who knew that a local non-profit says that the billboards are Portland’s top problems.

The non-profit, Greater Portland Inc., just wrote an opinion piece on what is needed to fix Portland.

The article solutions does not mention fixing the crime problem.

The article solutions does not mention fixing the drug problem.

The article solutions does not mention fixing Portland as the #2 highest tax rate in America.

Instead, they single out “negative billboards” as hurting Portland’s reputation!!!

They say, “Recognize the damage that negative billboards cause and build support for a shared vision: In our ongoing efforts to revitalize and showcase the vibrant spirit of our beloved city, it is imperative that we address the multiple massive billboards paid for by the “People for Portland” organization that take aim at the city and our leaders. These towering billboards are increasingly shaping Portland’s identity, impacting a fragile ecosystem that is desperately trying to reinvent itself. As someone involved in showing around prospective companies, I find myself actively avoiding the intersections adorned with these billboards. In our quest for a positive and inviting city atmosphere, it is essential to create an environment that fosters growth and innovation. A compelling example of the power of strategic messaging and billboard placement comes from October 2023 when Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer unveiled the “You Can in Michigan” $20 million campaign. This initiative includes strategically placed billboards at Michigan colleges, showcasing the state’s appeal and aiming to retain local talent.”

Those negative billboards are one of the best things happening right now because they are putting pressure on the politicians causing the problem.   Most of Portland’s problems could be reversed very quickly if politicians did the right thing.

Greater Portland Inc. fails to see that Portland’s high taxes have chased out nearly a billion-dollars in tax revenue.   Greater Portland Inc.’s solution to run a $20 million presumably tax-payer funded advertising campaign to lure people to Portland.    It is like saying we can better get a date for crazy uncle Bob if we spend more money on dating services rather than push uncle Bob to start shaving, stop smoking, stop swearing and begin using deodorant.