Executive Club: Teddy Roosevelt in person

Oregon Executive Club
Speakers: Joe Wiegand Teddy Roosevelt Reprisor, Rep. Matt Wingard
Wed. April 6th, 6:30, Portland Airport Shilo

Egads, what luck! When found out that Joe Wiegand (that is him pictured), the nation’s premiere Theodore Roosevelt “reprisor,” could make himself available to us during his visit to Oregon, we jumped at the chance to present him to you.  Joe truly brings T.R. to life with an unparalleled grasp of history and his uncanny ability to convince you that you are in the company of the great Rough Rider. As Teddy, Wiegand shares stories from a lifetime of service and adventure, ranging from cowboy excitement in the Dakotas to the charge of the cavalry up the heights of Santiago de Cuba.  Joe has been featured as T.R. all over the country, with notable appearances in the White House.

As an additional meeting highlight, our good friend Rep. Matt Wingard will be on hand to bring us current on recent developments in the Legislative Assembly and to accept his 2011 Thomas Jefferson award from the Taxpayer Association of Oregon.   The Thomas Jefferson Award has also been awarded to  State Senator Brian Boquist who is honored but not present.    The Executive Club and Taxpayer Association of Oregon applaud these statesmen for their great achievements in 2010.