Politicians admit tolling isn’t about the $$

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Tolling fits the politicians’ anti-car agenda.

The quote above from State Representative McLain co-chair of the Oregon Transportation Committee, says “We’re using this (tolling) not just as a funding device but as a congestion pricing and congestion pricing means a lot things… we want to change behavior.  There are some behaviors we want to change”

McLain says tolling is about (1) “funding” (getting surplus money for roads already built) (2) “congestion pricing” which means raising toll prices the highest during drive times to punish commuters and (3) “changing behavior” which means forcing people out of their cars. This is why Oregon DEQ voted to ban all gasoline car sales by 2035 without a single vote of the public or elected lawmakers.

– Eugene City Council debated this year on banning new gas stations in the City as a way to get people to stop driving.

– Portland has been debating banning diesel gas stations in Portland.

– One Willamette Week news article bore this headline: “Six Ways Portland Can Kill the Car… a path to banning autos from city streets.” (Willamette Week 10/16/19)

This coordinated campaign reflects the liberal utopia of forcing people out of their cars.

If you wish to give voters the right to vote on all tolling projects — then please sign the Right-to-Vote on tolls petition (along with a bonus petition to fight crime).

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