Lars Larson: Mayor Wheeler & Gov. Kotek’s wishful thinking

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Having seen the criminal destruction of Portland wrought by lame duck Mayor, Feckless Ted Wheeler, Governor Tina Kotek announces plans to declare an 90 day emergency.

Nothing Kotek plans can fix this problem till the Rose City sends a solid message that criminal behavior brings real consequences.

Instead, on Monday, we saw evidence of the total lawlessness that holds Portland in its grip.

Supporters of Palestinian terrorists used 50 cars and trucks to block off roads to Portland airport for hours.

Police showed up but only as spectators.

No arrests. No charges. No arrests.

The Port of Portland, which operates the International Airport, waited till it wall all over and the terrorist supporters left of their own accord before it announced that the blockade had ended.

The Port helpfully pointed out that the airport blockade violates state laws on the books…and confessed that it works with protestors to allow their free speech.

Three years ago, we saw what happens when a city allows 100 consecutive days of “mostly peaceful” protests that only led to one murder and hundreds of hospital trips.

One of these days, a protest like this will block emergency services and someone will die.

Just remember the politicians who signed off and let it happen.