Drazan: Lawmakers should repeal Measure 110

Repeal Measure 110: Christine Drazan Publishes Op-Ed Urging Lawmakers to Fully Repeal the Measure
By A New Direction,

CANBY, Ore.– Today, The Oregonian published an op-ed from Christin Drazan urging lawmakers to repeal Measure 110 fully.

“Oregon is facing a five-alarm fire of drug abuse, addiction and death. Instead of dousing the flames, politicians continue to pour gasoline on the fire by refusing to confront this crisis head-on. Everyday our elected officials waste on inaction and political excuses, more people will die,” Drazan writes.

The column highlights the false choice between funding treatment and Measure 110. It also offers five recommendations based on conversations with behavioral health experts, service providers, law enforcement officers, housing providers, legislators, and community leadersfrom both sides of the aisle: Drug use should be discouraged, addiction services must prioritize sobriety, data must drive investment, kids aren’t adults, and accountability saves lives.

Read the full op-ed here.

“Oregonians know Measure 110 is killing people. Politicians who want to protect Measure 110 at all costs, are costing lives. If the big idea from Salem is to simply limit public use of hard drugs, they will simply kill more people behind closed doors. It is time to end this deadly experiment and repeal Measure 110,” Drazan said.

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