Tax Alert! Lawmakers draft statewide property tax bill.

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Why won’t they leave us alone!

In preparation for the February Special Legislative Session, a draft bill has been introduced (LC 22) which would create a statewide property tax!  It  would allow politicians to set the property tax rates instead of the presumably existing system of letting local county voters and local neighborhoods decide.   Who better to decided your property taxes for rural Oregon than politicians from Portland.

The tax would bypass the two reasonable limits on property taxes in the Constitution approved by voters.

The summary reads, “LC 22 proposes an amendment to Article IX, Finance, of the Oregon Constitution to require the Legislative Assembly to impose by law a state property tax to fund public safety and define taxable property, establish certain processes, and create an administrative entity. It allows the Legislative Assembly to set rates and certain exemptions. It exempts the property tax from Article XI, section 11, of the Oregon Constitution (Ballot Measure 50) (1997), or Article XI, section 11b, of the Oregon Constitution (Ballot Measure 5) (1990). It refers the proposed amendment to the voters at the 2024 General Election.”

Once these Constitutional limits are compromised, it will be open tax warfare on your property taxes.

Once the state politicians control property taxes, you will be vulnerable to new property tax threats every-time the politicians meet.  That means every year, your level of property taxes will likely be decided by the whims of the politicians.   There is no way to budget for one of the most expensive costs you have in your life.

Even worse, this bill draft says the politicians need the statewide property tax for public safety, but really they need it for Governor Kotek’s aggressive plan to spend a billion more for affordable housing.   The biggest driver is and has been affordable housing.  This means your property taxes may go through the roof to pay for government to help make houses because government ran up the price of housing with their red-tape regulations and high fees/taxes.

The bill, LC 22, is in draft form and will be given an official bill# in a few weeks.

Please tune in to this website and for more updates on this critical bill.

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