Gov. Kotek finds $500 million under couch

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek announced a plan for the February Legislative Special Session to get lawmakers to approve $500 million for affordable housing programs.

Gov. Kotek says the $500 million will come from existing sources.

Where did Kotek come up with $500 million?

The 2023 Legislature said they were OUT OF MONEY as they raised 184 fee increases, passed cell phone taxes, raised certain DEQ fees by 45% and oversaw the 5% gas tax increase.   Now the very same body that was out of money in 2023 has a spare $500 million stash of cash ready to use in 2024.

Kotek should show us where she plans to get the funds.

Governor Kotek is already on record for planning to create new housing bureaucracies and agencies to help people navigate the existing housing bureaucracies and agencies — instead of streamlining the process and cutting red tape.  Our leaders are tackling the housing crisis backwards and the cost keeps rising.

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