The Stain of Roe v. Wade

On January 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court declared that the Constitution of the United States barred state and federal governments from banning, limiting or regulating abortions. In doing so the Court overturned the laws adopted in virtually every state of the Union that prohibited or regulated the performance of abortions. Those state laws were already in place in the thirteen colonies prior to the adotpoins of the Constitution, and thereafter, were adopted in every state at the time of or prior to their admission as one of the fifty states. In doing so the Supreme Court acted in defiance of the legislative process which is the foundation of our democracy.

The Court cited a “penumbra of rights” in the Constitution securing the “right” to abortion on demand. That, despite the fact that the terms “penumbra of rights” and “abortion” are never – not even once – in the Constitution, nor in the debates leading up to the adoption of the Constitution and the subsequent adoption of the Bill or Rights, nor in the writing of the authors of the Constitution, nor in any amendments offered – adopted or rejected. Nothing, nada (Sp), nichts (Gr.), rein (Fr) – zero.

It is for good reason that the Warren court turned to the term “penumbra” because by definition its means a nothing, a shadow, an illusion, something lacking substance or, in the vernacular “bat guano.” Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary* defines it as:

1: space of partial illumination (as in eclipse) between the perfect shadow on all sides and the full light; 2: a shaded region surrounding the dark central portion of a sunspot; 3:a surrounding or adjoining region in which something exists in lesser degree.”

In substance there never was a constitutional right to abortion; there never was a constitutional penumbra of rights. And yet over the span of fifty one years over SIXTY-THREE MILLIONS babies have been mutilate, killed and tossed in the trash as if they were excess body tissue. And while progressives spend an enormous amount of energy talking about the victims of rape, statistical data gathered by World Population Review demonstrates that in our nations capital, Washington, D.C. less than 2.7 percent of abortions performed were due to rape and that number drops down to less than 0.4 percent in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho. (Washington stands at 1.26 percent and Oregon at 1.01, and, of course, New York, and California lead the states after Washington, D.C.) These statistics are proof positive that the overwhelming abortions are performed for convenience as opposed to need.

Monday, of this week marked the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade. It is a day of infamy and a day of shame – shame for the Supreme Court for making up a constitutional “right” without substance, shame for the politicians who have forced those who oppose abortion to fund abortion on demand at taxpayers expense, and a shame for the attitude of men and women who view life so casually.


*Merriam Webster’s Dictionary changed its definition of “penumbra” years after Roe v. Wade to add the following a body of rights held to be guaranteed by implication in a civil constitution.” Mind you that that the original definition had nothing to do with the politics surrounding abortion and that is was added primarily to adopt a rationale by progressives in defense of abortion. It is much like the decision Merriam Webster’s Directory in 2021 changed its definition of vaccine from one that “increases immunity” to one thatstimulate the body’s immune response.” While the change may seem innocuous it completely shifts the burden from failure of the vaccine’s result to failure of the body’s immune response. Even the treatises on language are now manipulated for political purposes, but we have all known that for years when liberal became a slur and they changed to progressive or when illegal aliens became undocumented migrants.