Sen. Boquist: Grad rates, cop exits, more …

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist,
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

—  Along the same lines, OPB reports about how Oregon graduation rates remain flat for the COVID-impacted class of 2023, “Last spring’s graduates were just starting high school when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit…”

— WWeek reports: “Portland Police Bureau faces wave of retirements. The police bureau gained 61 officers last year but lost 72.”

— The Oregonian reports on the ambulance shortage in Portland: “Interim Portland Fire Chief Ryan Gillespie is the latest official imploring Multnomah County commissioners and health officials to address dangerously slow ambulance response times by changing the staffing model the county imposes on its ambulance provider.”

— California and Oregon told students and workers that they can skip Covid isolation if they are asymptomatic, a departure from C.D.C. guidelines. An interesting “full-circle” point on why these two leftist states are breaking from the CDC goes back to the beginning of COVID in 2020. COVID “started” in March, after students paid tuition. Schools got federal money. But enrollments are declining for a variety of reasons. For example, In 2021, enrollments were 14.6% down from peak enrollment in 2010. So now, colleges need money and are conveniently forgetting health concerns, at least until the government gives them more money…

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