Gov. candidate, Stan Pulliam, hits half million. Outpaces everyone

By Oregon Campaign Watch,

This week, Oregon governor candidate, Stan Pulliam, hit a half million in campaign donations as measured from the most-watched metric of donations from other Oregonians.   This helps measure the level of public support a candidate has among other people. Stan Pulliam is leading and the first to hit a half million among Republican Primary contenders.

Next in the funding race would be doctor and former veteran Bud Pierce at $388,700, writer and former magazine editor Bridget Barton at $350,000 , CEO Jessica Gomez around $150,000 and Baker City Mayor Kerry McQuisten around $50,000.

If you measure all donations, including donations and loans from the candidate themselves and the candidate’s close family, then Oregon governor candidate Bud Pierce would take the lead with close to a million in donations.

Ultimately, Oregon is witnessing a diverse of strong candidates well funded in the race for the 2022 Oregon governor.   This is good news and good fundraising totals so early in the race.

Here is a running list of Republican Primary Governor candidates:


– Bridget Barton, political consultant for Third Century Solutions
– Angelique Bouvier, psychologist and business owner
– Mark Duncan, fight instructor
– John L. Fosdick III, customer service representative, Army veteran
– Jessica Gomez, member of the Business Oregon Commission and Oregon Institute of Technology Board of Trustees
– Nick Hess, CEO & Entrepreneur
– Jim Huggins, film producer, businessman and Air Force veteran
– Kerry McQuisten, mayor of Baker City
– Brandon Merritt, business development manager
– Bud Pierce, oncologist and nominee for governor in 2016
– Stan Pulliam, mayor of Sandy
– Amber Richardson, chiropractor
– Paul Romero, refrigeration repair technician, candidate for Oregon’s 2nd congressional district in 2016 and 2018, and U.S. Senate candidate in 2020
– Monte Sauer Jr., CEO of AmericaProud
– Marc Thielman, Alsea School District superintendent


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