$100 permit fee to remove tree that fell on your house

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Wow.  Portland makes landowners fill out a permit and pay $100 fee to remove a tree that has crushed your house.

The Oregonian reports “The city’s Urban Forestry division is requiring homeowners to get retroactive removal permits for trees that have fallen on their property due to the winter storm. The permits, which cost $100 for up to three trees, also require homeowners to plant a replacement.”

It further notes that Beaverton, Eugene, Gresham and Lake Oswego, do not require such punishing fees.

Portland waived film permit fees last year because they wanted to provide relief to fancy Hollywood filmmakers.  So Portland values celebrities more than homeowners who just likely experienced the biggest financial setback in their lives.

This is the same City that once charged a $15 leaf removal fee ($65 for apartments).

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