Debate over abolishing Kicker Tax Refund

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

*** SJR 26 was from 2023 Legislative Session, here is how it would apply today if it was passed ***

As of January 29th The Oregon Department of Revenue began processing people’s tax returns.  The very first returns, including people’s Kicker Tax Refunds will start on February 15th.

If Oregon State Senator Lew Frederick (D-Portland) and State Senator Kayse Jama (D-Portland) had their way last year, there would be no Kicker.  In 2023 they submitted Senate Joint Resolution 26 (SJR 26) which would permanently abolish the Oregon Kicker Tax refund which is a voter-approved law requiring all over-collected tax revenue to be returned to taxpayers who overpaid.  It is a great law and Senator Lew Frederick and State Senator Kayse Jama are insane to try to abolish for future over-collected tax fund collections.

Sen. Frederick and Sen. Jama already preside over the nation’s 5th most expensive, fattest and biggest State Government as measured per-capita by government spending.  Now the lawmakers want even more tax cash.

SJR 26 summary reads, “Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to cease requirement of returning surplus revenue to personal income taxpayers.Refers proposed amendment to people for their approval or rejection at next regular general election.”

Here is how much Oregon taxpayers will be receiving in Kicker income tax refunds this year.

More details on SJR 26 here.

NOTE: The first version of this article incorrectly listed SJR 23 bill as a 2024 introduced bill this year, when it the bill was a 2023 introduced bill.

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