Oregon Senate GOP agenda

Senate Republicans’ 2024 Session Agenda Will Tackle Emergencies like Measure 110 and Housing Supply, Lower Costs for Oregonians, Protect the Kicker from Democrats

By Oregon Senate Republican Office,

SALEM, Ore. – Today, Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend) outlined the Senate Republican Caucus’ priorities for the 2024 Legislative Session in a press conference with Republican and Democrat legislative leaders.

“Decades of one-party Democrat control has created a severe housing shortage, increased costs for families, and made it extremely difficult for businesses to thrive in Oregon. Meanwhile, homelessness, drug addiction, and violent crime have eroded the fabric of our communities – especially since the passage of Measure 110,” said Leader Knopp. “Senate Republicans’ agenda focuses on course correcting the Legislature’s response to Oregon’s growing problems by abandoning failed policies of decades past and embracing bold solutions that will put Oregon on a path to success.”

The Senate Republican Caucus’ priorities for the 2024 Session are:

Boosting Housing Production

The severe housing shortage that exists in Oregon today was created overtime by status-quo liberal policies that have handcuffed cities, overregulated builders, and stifled development. Senate Republicans are proposing commonsense reforms which will free up land to invest in housing of all types in all communities, not just Portland.

Priority Legislation: SB 1564

Addressing Drug Addiction, Homelessness, and Crime

Drug addiction, homelessness, and crime have soared in recent years – especially since Measure 110. Communities have suffered and lives have been lost. Senate Republicans are introducing several key bills aimed at getting these issues under control and saving lives. Some policies focus on treatment for drug addiction, and others support victims of child abuse.

While special interest activists and far-left Democrats defend the Measure 110 disaster, most Oregonians say it’s time for drastic change. The Legislature must course correct and create a better policy that puts people on a path to recovery. Senate Republicans believe Measure 110 reform must recriminalize drug possession to a Class A Misdemeanor, giving law enforcement what they need to provide accountability that will require treatment for addiction as a diversion from jail. Reform must also ban public use of hard drugs, enhance penalties for drug dealers, fund specialty drug courts, and allow counties – not OHA – to address needs at a local level.

Priority Legislation: SB 1555, SB 1588, SB 1579

Defending the Kicker, Growing the Economy, Lowering Costs

Oregon is an amazing place to call home, but it comes with a high price tag. Inflation coupled with high taxes, fees, and burdensome regulations pushed by Democrat lawmakers has made Oregon so expensive to live, operate a business, and raise a family that people are fleeing in huge numbers. Senate Republicans will push for lower taxes for small businesses, financial relief for wildfire victims, income tax exemptions for veterans, and property tax exemptions for seniors, while fighting Democrat attempts to raise taxes and take the Kicker from working Oregonians.

Priority Legislation: SB 1542, SB 1549, SB 1520, SJR 202, SB 1543

Protecting Constitutional Rights Threatened by Democrats

Senate Republicans place great importance on protecting the constitutional rights of Oregonians whether it be the 2nd Amendment or the Kicker. This will remain a focus throughout the entire Session as tyranny of the majority is often an inevitable reality in the Democrat-controlled Legislature.