The woes of Wu

by NW Spotlight

The meltdown of Democratic U.S. Representative David Wu continues. His tiger suit picture made “Photo of the Day” in The Atlantic, the Associated Press reported yesterday that Rep. Wu accepted prescription drugs from a campaign donor last October – drugs that have been identified as oxycodone (an opioid like heroin) by other news sources, and an article in today’s Willamette Week also brings back up the 1976 attempted rape allegations made against Wu while he was a Stanford undergraduate.

The Oregonian reported YESTERDAY that Rep. Wu’s campaign was fined LAST OCTOBER for violating Oregon law by not having workers’ compensation insurance over much of the past three years.

Voters across Congressional District 1 are still frustrated by the complete failure of the media to report any of this prior to the election. Instead, papers like The Oregonian ran puff pieces for David Wu while refusing to accept editorials from his opponent.

It is good to see the media on the job now.