2 tax bills: Senior property tax freeze, CAT tax

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Here are two interesting tax bills:

#1. SJR 200: Property tax freeze for seniors:

Oregon State Senator Daniel Bonham has submitted Senate Joint Resolution 202,  which would freeze property taxes for seniors.SJR 202 summary reads, ““The resolution would freeze the taxes levied on the homes of seniors. Proposes an amendment to the Oregon Constitution directing the Legislative Assembly to enact a property tax relief program for owner-occupied primary residences of certain seniors. Refers the proposed amendment to the people for their approval or rejection at the next regular general election.”

#2. Senate Bill 1542: Reduction in Corporate Activities Tax (CAT tax)

State Senator Lynn Findley and other shave sponsored a bill giving some exemptions to the Corporate Activities Tax.   The Corporate Activities Tax is a gross receipts tax where it taxes revenue instead of profit and has been extremely punishing to businesses especially if they are losing money or in a small margin business like health care, restaurants. Senate Bill 1542 summary reads,   “Starts with tax year 2025.  Increases the exempt amount and filing threshold for purposes of the corporate activity tax. Exempts reimbursements for certain health care services, including care provided to medical assistance recipients and to Medicare recipients”

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