National forecaster downgrades Kotek

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC

Last Tuesday, the national forecasting firm, Cook Political Report, changed their prediction of Oregon governor’s race from “Likely Democratic” to “Leaning Democratic.”

The Cook Report said, “Three-way election contests are a tricky thing. A well-funded third-party candidate can often play spoiler, allowing the minority party even in a state that largely leans to the opposite party to sneak through a win. Such are the dynamics playing out in the open Oregon gubernatorial race, giving Republicans an increasingly plausible opportunity”

Also, Real Clear Politics has Oregon on the edge with a lean Democrat and not likely Democrat.


Furthermore, Democratic candidate Tina Kotek during her long House Speaker reign has broken a lot of promises, censored a lot of her colleagues and made a lot of enemies.  This can be demonstrated by the lagging fundraising and missed endorsements.  She has also raised a lot of taxes.

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