Rep. Helfrich Statement on Mega Liquid Heroin Bust

By Oregon State Representative Jeff Helfrich,

House Republican Leader Jeff Helfrich (R-Hood River) released the following statement regarding the drug bust at a Tigard Motel 6 that found suspects in possession of 370 gallons of liquid heroin. Those arrested are believed to have ties to Mexican drug cartels, according to media

“Oregon has become a magnet for drug cartels to distribute poison that’s killing Oregonians. This is another example of how failed polices like Measure 110 and the open southern border put our state in danger. We must change course to save more lives,” said Helfrich, a retired Portland police officer.

House Republicans have introduced HB 4036 to structurally reform the broken Measure 110 so that Oregon can begin to address the out-of-control crises of drugs, homelessness, and crime that plague the state.

The Republican bill classifies possession of deadly drugs like fentanyl, heroin, and meth as a Class A Misdemeanor, mandates treatment to avoid jail time, bans public use, and requires evaluation and treatment as part of probation for certain drug and property crimes. It requires prison sentences for drug dealers and manufacturers with multiple convictions, and increases the penalties for drug dealers who sell drugs that result in the death of a person.