Bill Drop: Mail vote ban, Casinos, M110 repeal, Timber tax …

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Here is the first look at bills being submitted for the short February Legislative Special Session:

HB 4053 bans casinos: HB 4053 reads, “Prohibits the operation of casinos in this state, except tribal casinos. Creates presumption that a certain concentration of gaming machines constitutes a casino. Provides a definition of “casino.”

Sb 1589 ends voter by mail generally by requiring in-person voting: SB 1589 summary reads, “Makes in-person voting on the date of an election the standard method for conducting an election. Allows an elector to request a ballot that may be voted by mail if the elector is unable to vote in person on the date of the election. Retains vote by mail as the primary method for conducting elections for military and overseas electors and for electors who have a mailing address outside of Oregon. Requires electors to present valid government-issued identification when appearing in-person to vote or when requesting a ballot be sent by mail. Requires all ballots to be returned by the date of an election. Removes a requirement that the state pay postage for ballots returned by mail. “

Measure 110 fix, recriminalizes hard drugs: Summary reads, “The Act makes other changes to Ballot Measure 110, including changes to treatment funding. The Act also creates a new diversion program and a process for setting aside certain drug convictions. The Act goes into effect when the Governor signs it. (Flesch Readability Score: 60.5). Creates the crime of using a controlled substance in public. Punishes by up to 364 days’ jail, $6,250 fine, or both. Creates the crime of possessing, purchasing, making, delivering or selling a pill press. Punishes by up to five years’ imprisonment, $125,000 fine, or both. Increases the penalties for possession of a controlled substance. Punishes by up to 364 days’ jail, $6,250 fine, or both. Directs counties to supervise persons convicted of certain property misdemeanors. Requires that for certain drug and property crimes, the court must require an evaluation and treatment as part of probation. Creates a diversion program for certain drug crimes. Directs the court to enter an order setting aside a conviction for certain drug crimes when specified conditions are met. Directs the Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission to provide grants and funding for drug treatment and other related services. Transfers the duties of the Oversight and Accountability Council to the commission. Requires a prison sentence for the unlawful delivery or manufacture of a controlled substance when the person has a prior conviction. Increases the penalties for the unlawful delivery of a controlled substance that results in the death of a person. Punishes by up to 20 years’ imprisonment, $375,000 fine, or both. Provides that possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver constitutes delivery. Authorizes local governments to enact laws prohibiting the use of controlled substances. Declares an emergency, effective on passage “

SB 1593 Timber tax. SB 1593 summary reads, “The Act would impose a new tax on the gross proceeds from the sale of unprocessed timber cut on private land larger than 500 acres held in common ownership. The Act would provide funding to counties and to protect homes, neighborhoods and water supplies from wildfire damage. The Act would repeal the current forest products harvest tax. The Act will be referred to the people at the 2024 general election.”  

HB 4057 makes it illegal for teachers to strike. HB 4057 summary reads, “The Act would make it unlawful for teachers to participate in a strike. (Flesch Readability Score: 69.9). Expands the statutory list of strike-prohibited employees to include teachers employed by a common school district or a union high school district. Imposes a civil penalty of $500 per day against an individual or labor organization that participates in an unlawful teacher strike. “

HB 4055 raises CAT tax limit from $1 million to $5 million: HB 4055 summary reads, ” Raises the exemption and filing thresholds for the CAT tax. Starts with the tax year2025. Becomes law 91 days from sine die. Increases the exempt amount and the filing threshold for purposes of the corporate activity tax”

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