Don’t Underestimate Joe’s Ability to Eff Things Up

There is a story making the rounds* about President Joe Biden’s childhood. Apparently, Mr. Biden was the ongoing victim of the neighborhood bully. Mr. Biden heard on the radio (they didn’t have television way back then) that the only way to deal with a bully was to push back. So Mr. Biden called the bully and told him that in seven days he was definitely going to push back but that he, the bully, would not be injured, and that he hoped the bully would get the message. Seven days passed and Mr. Biden went over the bully’s neighbor’s house and beat up the little sister. He then announced that he was sure the bully got the message although meanwhile the bully was spray painting “Sissy” on Mr. Biden’s training wheels bicycle.

There is a remarkable similarity to Mr. Biden’s “attack” in retaliation for the three armed service members killed over a week ago by an Iranian backed terrorist organization in Eastern Jordan at a U.S. military outpost authorized by the Jordanian kingdom. Mr. Biden attacked targets in Syria and Iraq – none in Iran – after giving the Iranian terrorist regime nearly a week’s notice that it was going to attack but not harm Iran, nor the Iranian spy ship in the Red Sea aiding the Iran backed Houti terrorists’ attacks on shipping. As a result, the Iranian leadership doubled over in laughter because they didn’t give a damn about the Syrians nor the Iraqis, nor the Houtis. Lest you forget, the Iranian terrorists are Shia Muslims, while the Syrians are a mix of Sunni and Alawite Muslims, the Iraqis are a mix of Shia and Sunni Muslims with the Shia being located in the Southern region of Iraq near the Iranian border and thus distant from the attacks, and the Houtis are Saydi Muslims and are treated as a marginal step above slaves. The Shia have always believed that Muslim sects other than the Shia are apostates and not worthy of the word of Mohammed.

In planning these retaliatory strikes it appears that the photo opportunity was at least as important as avoiding any targets within Iran. With Mr. Biden, the “photo op” is always at least as important as the substance. Is it possible that the reason for the seven day delay in responding to the Iran-backed terrorist attack was due to Mr. Biden and/or his handlers insistence on doing it concurrently with Mr. Biden standing stone-faced as the bodies of the three service members killed by the terrorist organization were returned in a solemn “Dignified Return” ceremony? The bombings and missile strikes began immediately following the ceremony – that means that the huge B-2 bombers sent from Texas had already been airborne and on their way the day before the ceremony; that means that the fighter strikes were already in the air, and that means that the missiles were already programmed and targeted. Wait until you see this put together for the campaign cameras later this summer.

And then following the attacks on the facilities in Syria and Iraq which had already been cleared of key personnel and weaponry by Iran, Mr. Biden turned his attention back to the Houtis with surgical strikes against weapon platforms. Let’s not forget that it was Mr. Biden who breathed life into the Houti terrorists by lifting the “terrorist” designation previously imposed by former President Donald Trump and along with it allowed economic sanctions to be lifted. And about at the same time Mr. Biden allowed Iran access to nearly $8 Billion in frozen funds which the Iranian regime promptly used to acquire, transfer and supply weapons, including the missiles currently being launched at shipping in the Red Sea by the Houtis. And while Mr. Biden has launched numerous attacks at the Houti missile sites, he has yet to do anything with regard to the Iranian spy ship that is providing intelligence and tracking for those missile launches. And while Mr. Biden has immunized Iran, his attacks on the ground in Houti territory provides fuel for the terrorists to condemn the United States for the ‘indiscriminate’ killing of civilians as a fall out of the attacks.

Every aspect of Mr. Biden’s retaliation reeks of the inability of his administration to deal with foreign relations – particularly hostile foreign relations. It is no wonder that former President Barack Obama’s Defenses Secretary, Robert Gates, has continued to point out that Mr. Biden has been wrong on every foreign relations and national security issues during his entire fifty plus years as an elected public official. Initially those comments provided campaign fodder for Mr. Biden’s opponents but, today, these continuing errors – publicly made, publicly executed and publicly failed – are damn right dangerous for America and its allies. For most of those fifty years Mr. Biden’s errors could be categorized as “bad advice” – first as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, then as either its ranking member or chairman, and finally as Mr. Obama’s vice president. The “bad advice” could be and was generally ignored and even at that Mr. Obama must have been bewildered by the unbroken string of stupid “recommendations” of the man he had chosen to be his vice-president because of his foreign policy “expertise”. Let’s not forget that moment on a hot microphone when Mr. Obama noted:Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.” No, these are not the decisions of a cognitively impaired octogenarian; this is Mr. Biden for his whole life. He is not cognitively impaired rather he is just stupid – stupid, naive, biased and wistful that he alone could be right while all others are wrong.**

And yet, waiting in the wings and more likely than not to complete a second term for Mr. Biden is probably the single person who is even worse than Mr. Biden –the princess of malapropism, Vice President Kalamata Harris


*Well not, really. I made it up and told my wife and that is “around” in our house.

** Once when we were watching the annual 4th of July parade in my hometown and observing some poor band member marching oblivious to being out of step, my father remarked, “Look, everybody but Joey is out of step.” I’ve never thought of my father as being prophetic but perhaps he was in this moment.