Sen. Bonham: Oregon gets an F

Oregon is currently getting an F  

By Oregon State Senator Daniel Bonham,


Reports are showing that our nation’s children are (slowly) coming back from the educational setbacks forced upon them from the COVID lockdowns … except Oregon. In a recent study, researchers found that Oregon students have failed to regain either reading or math skills – while other states studied were on the rebound.


Which begs the question, why is our Legislature not focusing on this very real problem, but rather focusing on hyper partisan issues such as hiding children’s health decisions from their parents?

Our Legislature should focus on ensuring our education system is setting our kids up for success through core programs such as reading, science, math or teaching them a trade. Our school’s first role is to educate, and currently our schools are getting an F.


This falls under my priority to tackle issues that will make Oregonians’ lives better. Our #1 priority needs to be ensuring our education system is working for our future generations, not pursuing cheap political points on the backs of our students. If our state discusses anything moving forward regarding our schools, this issue should be it. Period.