Rep. Cate: Help needed on Wildfire Bill (HB 4007)

Written Testimony Needed on HB 4007!
By Oregon State Representative Jami Cate,

One of the highlights this week was having the opportunity to testify on one of my bills, HB 4007, which we covered in an earlier newsletter. This bill protects the settlements of wildfire lawsuits from being taxed at rates of up to 70%—helping keep those dollars in our impacted communities to directly help recovery efforts. We had a strong turnout at the hearing, which included other members of the Legislature, attorneys, and actual wildfire victims, and we are cautiously optimistic the resounding support will lead to the committee passing some form of tax relief for victims during this session. But we never want to assume passage and let our foot off the gas, so we encourage you to please help advocate for HB 4007’s passage by submitting written testimony on OLIS.

<<Info on HB 4007 here >>