Kotek’s $600M surplus looks fishy

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Just remember, Oregon Governor Tina Kotek discovered almost $600 million in surplus funds in December.

At the same time, she is pushing for a 7 station tolling plan to toll the living daylights out of anyone who enters the Portland Metro area.

Also, Oregon State Representative Paul Evans is pushing for a statewide property tax (HJR 201) to pay for forestry and earthquake related expenses.  At the same time there is a timber tax bill in the Legislature that aims to pay for forestry issues.

Why can’t the $600 million go towards repairing bridges so we don’t need tolls?   Or for one-time seismic upgrades so we do not need a brand new statewide PERMANENT property tax scheme?

Instead Gov. Kotek wishes to spend the surplus on helping people build private homes at a discount and also to subsidize people’s rent by the tens of millions.   Maybe, if Governor Kotek didn’t enact wide-sweeping rent control in 2019 (which caused rent prices to spike) we wouldn’t need to send vouchers to people to pay for the problem that Kotek helped create.

Sign toll petition.  Sign the petition to give voters a right to vote on them.

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