Lars Larson: Biden said something right

 Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

I actually found something to like in last night’s highly political State of the Union campaign speech by Joe Biden.

And, I don’t mean when his meds failed and he garbled out “I’d be a winner, not really”

It came when heckling finally brought Slo Joe to name the 22 year old Georgia Nursing student, allegedly murdered and mutilated by one of Biden’s Border Jumpers.

He did mangle Laken Riley’s name…giving her the name of the USC Trojan Football coach, Lincoln Riley.

But then, he did the right thing and I quote “an innocent young woman killed by an illegal”.

Biden’s loony liberal progressive’s went ballistic at that.

They seem to think this demented President should have called this accused killer an “undocumented democrat” or something nicer. Hey Democrats, you chose this guy and threaten to ask Americans to elect him again. You gotta live with his nonsense.

But then, Joe really did the right thing, asking “But how many thousands of people are being killed by illegals.”

That’s the question now, isn’t it Joe. The Washington State Patrol trooper, Christopher Gadd, killed last Saturday by an illegal who confessed to driving on drugs and crashing into Gadd’s patrol car.

Joe Biden’s Border Patrol caught Laken Riley’s killer, and released him. Sanctuary city police in New York caught him again and let him go.

Based on what Biden told America last night, he plans to keep on doing the same ole thing.

How many thousands of deaths would it take for Biden to stop this border invasion.