Sen. Boquist runs for Treasurer, Sen. Linthicum for Sec-State

By Oregon Campaign Watch,

Two big developments.

Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist has announced that he is running for State Treasurer and Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum has announced he is running for Secretary of State.

Here is Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist’s campaign release;

Sen. Brian Boquist to Run for State Treasurer
An independent Republican, Sen. Boquist is nonpartisan and a voice for all Oregonians.

DALLAS, Ore. – Today, Senator Brian Boquist (R-Dallas) announced intentions to run for State Treasurer. No stranger to the state budget, Sen. Boquist has years of experience in revenue committees. “I am offering my name for State Treasurer because I have a deep understanding of the State of Oregon finances and revenue after years in the citizen legislature. I have honed the ability to speak bluntly and truthfully to Oregonians about where their hard-earned money is going and how the government machine spends it. I want to provide voters’ a choice in the primary, and as State Treasurer, I would invest in all Oregonians, not just New Yorkers and Wall Street barons.”Boquist served as a Republican and Independent Party of Oregon legislator in the Oregon State Senate.  

Here is Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum campaign release;

Sen. Dennis Linthicum to Run for Oregon Secretary of State

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Today, Senator Dennis Linthicum announced his intention to run for Oregon Secretary of State.
Sen. Dennis Linthicum (R-Klamath Falls) issued the following statement:

“I am running for Oregon Secretary of State as a Republican candidate to hold the government accountable, while also fight for election integrity. The office has been mired in controversy for decades, and Oregonians are ready for change. I know that my experiences in the legislature and viewpoints that dramatically differ from the party in power will benefit all Oregonians. Too many people feel unheard, and I want to provide GOP voters with a choice in the primary.“After the unfortunate results of the 2024 short-session and the sessions before it, I feel called to stand for integrity in a statewide office. I have a laser-focused interest in auditing Oregon’s currently lacking election and financial integrity standards. Oregon has a spending addiction that is nearly as bad as our fentanyl problems. I believe this is because of Oregon’s long history of single-party rule and subsequent corruption. “The public deserves to know the intricate details beneath the surface. Together, this is our opportunity to restore common-sense and integrity by ousting status quo corruption in favor of hard-working Oregonians.”


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