Amidst new attempts to steal Kicker, Senate GOP commits to protect taxpayers

By Oregon State Senator Tim Knopp,

Amidst New Attempts to Steal the Kicker, Senate Republicans Commit to Protect Oregon Taxpayers


SALEM, Ore. – Reports from KATU News indicate the left-wing, socialist-adjacent Oregon Center for Public Policy (OCPP) is leading yet another attempt to take the Kicker refund from taxpayers to grow state government and line progressive pockets.


“Far too many Oregonians feel the impacts of high taxes, inflation, and other rising costs due to decades of poor policy decisions. Oregon workers rely on their proportional refund of over-collected taxes and do not want anyone to reform it, reduce it, or take it away. That’s why voters enshrined the Kicker in the Constitution,” said Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend). “It is beyond disappointing to see the OCPP, a radical Portland-based nonprofit and longtime Kicker opponent, focus all their efforts on taking dollars that belong in the pockets of working Oregonians – and misleading people to do it.”


The Beaver State’s unique tax refund, passed by voters in 1980 and enshrined in the state constitution in 2000, kicks money back to Oregon taxpayers when actual revenues exceed forecasted revenues by 2% or more. This year, the personal income tax kicker will send a record-breaking $5.61 billion – or 44.28% of Oregon income taxes paid – back to working Oregonians as a credit.