Sen. Boquist: More on Treasurer, Sec-State run

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

— There are two Oregon State Senators, who have been barred from reelection by the entrenched party in power, who are running for state office. Senator Brian Boquist is running for State Treasurer and Senator Dennis Linthicum for Secretary of State. Instead of fading into the background like the party in power wants, these senators are fighting. This is a clear example of the tenacity of the human spirit. On background from this article: “[They are] barred from running for reelection to the Senate under a voter-approved law that punishes lawmakers who miss 10 or more days of work. He and nine Republican senators staged a record six-week-long walkout during the legislative session last year in opposition to bills on abortion access, gun control and transgender health care…”

Sen. Boquist’s statement: “I am offering my name for State Treasurer because I have a deep understanding of the State of Oregon finances and revenue after years in the citizen legislature. I have honed the ability to speak bluntly and truthfully to Oregonians about where their hard-earned money is going and how the government machine spends it. I want to provide voters’ a choice in the primary, and as State Treasurer, I would invest in all Oregonians, not just New Yorkers and Wall Street barons.” Sen. Linthicum’s statement: “I am running for Oregon Secretary of State as a Republican candidate to hold government accountable while fighting for election integrity. The office has been mired in controversy for decades, Oregonians are ready for change. I know that my legislative background and viewpoints dramatically differ from the party in power. My campaign will benefit all Oregonians. Too many people feel unheard, and I want to provide GOP voters a choice in the primary… The public deserves to know the intricate details beneath the surface. Together, this is our opportunity to restore common-sense and integrity by ousting status quo corruption in favor of hard-working Oregonians.”Combined, these senators have decades of political experience and enough gumption to call attention to corruption in the Oregon government.

Other Oregon news:

— Soho House, the posh social club has landed in Portland, and some locals wonder: Why?

Chunk of a Boeing 737 fell off United flight, this one from San Fran to southern Oregon. Boeing is a military contractor with products going to the Ukraine War.

— Portland often gets most of the flack related to the homeless crisis in Oregon, and rightfully so because it’s a serious problem there. However, there’s an entire homeless camp in Wallace Marine Park in West Salem that looks like its probably hundreds of inhabitants have been given free reign to truly “settle in.” These campers appear to even have developed a ferry system. Check it out on the regularly-updated Google Maps or the images below. Hopefully the drug recriminalization legislation starts to help the homeless issue across the state.

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