Sen. Bonham: Call for Kotek veto over political $$ kickback bill

Calling on Governor Kotek to veto “healthcare” bill that gives big union AFSCME financial + political kickbacks

Oregon State Senator Daniel Bonham,

I joined my fellow Senate Republicans to request a veto from Governor Kotek on Senate Bill 1578, the bill that will force a government-run healthcare interpreter scheduling system while providing major financial and political kickbacks to AFSCME and well-known Democrat activist organization Unite Oregon.

The veto request letter states, “At best, SB 1578 is a costly solution in search of a problem. At worst, it is a bill that creates a redundant and inferior state-run healthcare interpreter scheduling system – with unknown costs – for the express purpose of helping a labor union achieve its objective of organizing the interpreter workforce and funneling state money to politically connected non-profits that also act as activists for the Democrat party.”

To be clear, patients and healthcare professionals did not ask for this bill. This bill was strictly pushed by a union boss and political director of the AFSCME Oregon chapter seeking to embed this program deeper into union operations, which will result in:

  • More money to big union AFSCME and activist group Unite Oregon
  • Less access to healthcare for Oregon patients
  • Massive cost to taxpayers
  • Removing the services from private companies already serving patients well
  • Giving unions (and Democrat activist organizations) direct access to “two million contacts throughout the Oregon healthcare system”

Imagine if we tried to do the same thing for pro-life healthcare options and funnel government funds for millions of resident contact opportunities to through Oregon Right to Life.
Our Democrat colleagues would throw a fit.

The bill passed out of the Legislature on March 7 and the governor must act within 30 days of adjournment (excluding Saturdays and Sundays), or the legislation becomes law without being signed.

Residents can request the Governor to veto the legislation here. I hope you will join me in opposing this harmful, politically motivated legislation.