Kotek’s wife’s $143,000 assistant? Ethics complaint.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Oregon Governor Tina Kotek has placed her wife into the Governor’s Office complete with her own office, a security detail and now a personal assistant who will be paid $12,000 a month.   The assistant is said to be maybe to last only 6-months or could be up to a year which would be over $143,000.  Willamette Week reports that an ethics complaint has already been filed on the issue (which is similar to an ethics complaint to when then Governor Kitzhaber had with his girlfriend occupying space in the Executive Office, read more).

Kotek is trying to create an official “First Spouse” office.

The media learned last week that this First Spouse is attending an out-of-state conference in Utah with her own First Spouse security detail.   The media learned that the First Spouse joined Kotek for much of the 36-county tour across Oregon.   The tour produced little results and little notice as the people Kotek often visited were small events with supporters, government employees and groups that get funding from the government.   One official was quoted as saying they purposely kept the event low-key.  It begs the question on whether the year-long 36-county tour was the benefit for the Governor, the citizens or the private benefit of Kotek herself.

Just as this First Office is trying to be created, three of Kotek’s top aides have announced resignations this past week — including her Chief of Staff.  It is now public that conflicts over the First Spouse played a role in some of these resignations.

Update: The Oregonian reports that Kotek’s wife has come forward to share her current struggles with alcoholism and mental illness.  This may add insight to the picture of what is happening in the Governor’s Office.

This has already become an international news story as seen below:

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