Lars Larson: Alcoholism, Governorship, Nepotism

 Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

The Northwest Nonsense:

I grew up with an alcoholic dad for ten years so I know well the kind of crazy decisions boozers make.

Call me unsympathetic if you like, but I think the public has a right to know MORE when the Governor of a state chooses a mentally ill family member who is also an alcoholic to work in her office.

Is the Governor making good decisions for the folks who elected her?

Tina Kotek refuses to say what KIND of mental illness afflicts her wife.

Governor Kotek says Aimee is in recovery but won’t say how LONG she’s been clean and sober. Most addicts are proud if they’ve stayed dry a long time.
If you’re not bragging about your sober time, “short” would be an educated guess.

Now, Governor Kotek has taxpayers funding a staff member, at 12-thousand bucks a month, to investigate creating a job for the “first spouse”, inside the Governor’s office. I’m sure a state salary comes with that at some point. It already includes a staff member to keep Mrs Aimee Kotek’s schedule, and a security detail. Tensions over the Governor’s addiction addition to her office have already caused three top staff members to exit…chief of staff, deputy chief and one other.

In the meantime, Aimee Kotek represents the Governor, and you and me, at public policy meetings on the Measure 110 drug legalization that took more than a thousand addict lives last year.
What could possibly go wrong?