Schools sit on $544M surplus … why the taxes?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

According to the Education Recovery Scorecard report, as of January 2024, Oregon schools still had $544 unspent surplus from the Federal Covid funds to help schools rebound.

If schools have a half billion in surplus — why all the calls for higher taxes?

Portland Public schools are asking $400 million more from taxpayers as we speak.   Liberals have been calling for taking the people’s Kicker tax refund and divert it towards, in part, to education. Teachers left their classroom for a strike that spanned into three weeks, because they said they were out of money.

Unfortunately, Oregon students are behind in their academic recovery compared to other states.

The politicians’ and school lobby response to the pandemic was …

  • Keep Oregon schools shut down longer than 39 other states
  • Lower graduation requirements
  • Go on strike and disrupt classes over 3 weeks
  • Pass a bill making it harder to fire failing school superintendents

From this we are surprised to learn that our students performed worse since 2020.

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