Sen. Knopp’s Children’s Health-Safety Equity Act signed into law

Children’s Health and Safety Equity Act Signed into Law

By Oregon State Senate Republican Office Leader
State Senator Tim Knopp,


SALEM, Ore. – Late last week, the Governor signed into law SB 1579 B, the Children’s Health and Safety Equity Act. It was introduced and chief sponsored by Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend). The measure begins the work of funding and expanding access to underserved, historically marginalized, low-income areas of the state while offering needed services to children who have been abused through Child Advocacy Centers.

Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp released the following statement:

“Yesterday, my staff and I had the privilege of attending a luncheon at the Healing Hearts Kids Center of Central Oregon. It was heartwarming to see all our efforts come to fruition from our work on SB 1579. My goal was to increase access and services to rural communities, historically marginalized populations, drug endangered children, and children who have been trafficked. With April being Child Abuse Prevention Month, it was my pleasure to present the first ceremonial check of $131,000.00 to one of the regional Child Advocacy Centers which serves six counties in Central Oregon. Thank you to the staff of KIDS Center, dedicated community partners within Central Oregon for providing services to our most vulnerable children.”

SB 1579 was signed by the Governor on March 27th, 2024, giving all 24 Child Advocacy Centers in the state a one-time immediate grant of approximately $131,000.00. However, if the CAC is accredited or has an application pending for accreditation through the National Children’s Alliance, the CAC can apply for additional matching funds, allowing for each Child Advocacy Center to potentially receive approximately $250,000 within the biennium.