2 school fight videos go viral. Girls senselessly victimized.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

<< Latest Update 9/30 : School shuts over bomb threat>>

<<Latest update 10/1 : Teacher, Victim’s mom speaks >>

At least two videos surfaced alleging that a student (some claim to be the same attacker) at the Hazelbrook Middle School in the Tualatin School District attacked girl students by pushing them from behind (and in one case beating them while on the ground).

The video is just terrible.

And it is at a middle school.

Video one. (graphic)

Video two. (graphic)

The Oregonian has reported that a suspect has been arrested.

It is hard to confirm any further details at this early point, but the fact remains that the videos are making headlines.

This comes at a time when Portland area schools are seeing more examples of violent and unruly behavior.  Under Governor Brown, schools were pressured to not to expel violent students  (in the name of equity) and instead find more peaceful  and less consequential ways of punishment.   In Portland one school shut down for weeks due to student outbreaks of violence and fighting.


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