Lars Larson: School hid rape crimes

 Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

Does anyone think hiding the rape of a 9 year old girl is the job of your local schools?

Well, the cone of silence has descended at Portland Public Schools.

This week, we learned of the rape of a nine year old girl at Scott Elementary School.

School officials learned of that rape two years ago when the father of one of the girl’s assailants turned his own son in for the criminal rape of a child.

Then schools broke the law.

All 50 states have mandatory reporting laws covering cops, nurses, hospitals and schools.

The law says if a mandatory reporter even suspects abuse of a child, let alone a child raped twice in a bathroom stall, and doesn’t report it, that’s a crime.

PPS even makes the crazy claims that the school investigated the rape and punished the assailants with a single day suspension.

Portland Public schools didn’t answer my phone calls or emails.

It did release a bizarre statement.

It says PPS knows its responsibilities under the law and takes them seriously.

What it doesn’t say is that they actually FOLLOWED the law.

Officials who broke that law should be charged with the crime and prosecuted.

They should not get away with just paying off this lawsuit with your tax money.

Remember, your child in the public schools could be next, unless you do the smart thing and GET THEM OUT!.