Kotek’s top lawyer resigns

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Deputy General Counsel Lindsey Burrows is the fourth staffer to leave Kotek’s Executive Office in the past few weeks. This top lawyer had only been in office for just a year.

Here is an update of the past two weeks:

  • Kotek’s Chief of Staff resigns
  • Two of Kotek’s top aides resign at the same time
  • Details emerge of Kotek’s wife conflict with staff and her private office/staff
  • Two ethics complaints filed
  • Kotek requests Ethics guidance, but can’t be provided due to unresolved ethic complaints
  • Resigned Chief of Staff gets 8-month job at Administration Dept.

Normally quiet, Kotek has been making more public pronouncements during the shake-up. Kotek granted a rare exclusive interview with KGW-8 to talk about Climate Change. Kotek has been quiet and slow on bill signing, so three weeks later after Session ended Kotek has been making high-profile and surprising line-item vetoes of bills on her desk. It would have been nice to work with lawmakers as the bill were being debated roughly a month ago, rather than waiting until the last minute.

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