What if we replaced Kotek with 5th grader?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

We state up front that we acknowledge that Oregon Governor Tina Kotek is indeed smart (she wisely fought her way to be Governor) but our point is that Kotek is not very helpful — and could be easily replaced by a fifth-grader.

Kotek submitted only one bill during the February legislative session— even a fifth-grader could do that.

Kotek’s 2023 budget included a 23% increase in spending but left it to others to figure out how to pay for it–a fifth-grader could do that.

Kotek last year, let 300 bills pile up on her desk before going to the public and asking them how she should vote on them — and ended up saying yes nearly 98% of the time—a fifth-grader could that.

Kotek toured all 36 Oregon counties on a grand listening tour, a tour where people didn’t even know she was in town.  Kotek never shared what she learned, and never mentioned any concerns from the 12 counties that voted to study leaving Oregon for Idaho.    Even a fifth grader could tour Oregon, meet mostly your friends and come away with no actual benefit to Oregonians.


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