Democrat internal battles you don’t see

By Oregon Campaign Watch,

Some examples of inner-conflict within the Oregon Democratic Party.

— The biggest Oregon Democratic fundraiser of the year, the Wayne Morse Gala, in Portland was met with 50 angry anti-Israel protesters who demanded yanking U.S. support for Israel and for an extended cease fire. Protesters agitated both entrances so no one could escape according to FB News (4/15/24).   This Oregon example is similar to when President Biden was interrupted by the same pro-Hamas protestors in North Carolina and in New York during the glitzy fundraiser with Obama and Clinton.  It is all building up in intensity before the Chicago convention.

— This week it was discovered that former Oregon State Representative Brian Clem has raised $1 million in a Political Action Committee called Oregonians are Ready which is dedicated to electing moderate Democrats to Oregon’s State Legislature.

— Possible target races for the new Brian Clem PAC are 6 contested State Representative Democrat Primary battles this election (District #8, #16, #33, #35, #37, #46).

— The Oregonian has endorsed former City Councilor Jeff Gudman over former State Senator Elizabeth Steiner and for Congress District #3 sided with lawmaker Maxine Dexter over the more radical Multnomah former chair Susheela Jayapal. These picks reveal big tensions between two entrenched sides within the Oregon Democratic Party.