Outsider rallies to takeover PSU campus (anti-Israel protest)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The campus takeovers and occupy zones we are witnessing in Columbia University and New York University may be coming to Portland State University.

Oregon independent journalist, Andy Ngo, reports that a call has gone out to rally at Portland State University.  See below for more details:



Already in Oregon anti-Israel protesters have …


… stopped traffic on I-5 outside Eugene.


… shut down traffic in Portland


… Harrassed pro-Israel supporters on the streets of Portland (see video here)


… Stopped traffic outside the Portland airport


A Portland music hall was vandalized for daring to hosting a pro-Israel musician.


… A Portland comedy club was vandalized and crowds disrupted by rioters.


.. A Portland small business with a faith-unity window display was vandalized within hours of being erected.


… Portland has been hit hard with anti-Israel vandalism.

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