Liberals demand others not accept free money

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Check out the recent news related to liberals blocking people from accepting free money

• At Portland State University, anti-Israel student activists successfully pressured the University to stop accepting donations from Boeing.   That means PSU is turning away free money used to help students.   This comes just after PSU socked taxpayers with a $400 million bond.

• Oregon State Senator James Manning (D-Eugene) candidate for secretary of state was pressured by liberal activists over his donation from a Eugene businessman who happens to contribute to pro-life and pro-family causes. Senator Manning has since returned the donation as reported by Willamette Week.

• Columbia Sportswear CEO had a difficult time trying to get Portland to accept their $250,000 offer to clean up their streets.

At the same time, liberals were happy with not returning a half million donation from the FTX scandal and Governor Kotek. Go figure.

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