Lars Larson: When Biden invokes violence

 Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

When the President threatens to punch his opponent in the face, what should we think?

We know the already rapid mental decline of Joe Biden has accelerated.

It happened during a speech, on camera, in front of NABTU, the group that represents North America’s Building Trade Unions.

Here’s the quote “Think about the guys you grew up with that you’d like to get in a corner and give ‘em a straight left”.

And it’s not the first time. Five years ago, Biden told an audience he’d “beat the hell” out of Trump if they were both still in high school.

Anytime they get the chance, Joe’s political friends like to accuse those of us on the MAGA side of the aisle of “violent rhetoric”

I guess the Democrat Party has a double standard for its own.

And then Joe had one more of his regular teleprompter failures.

Like Ron Burgundy in the movie “Anchorman”, Biden reads whatever’s on the teleprompter in front of him.

When he reached the line “Four more years”…which Joe sort of delivered with a question mark at the end, the script said “pause”.

I’m sure speechwriters wanted him to hold up while his audience cheered.

Nope. Joe just read the stage directions out loud.

That pretty well sums up his Presidency at this point: do as the people really calling the shots tell you, read the speech and you’ll get an ice cream cone.