Lars Larson: Our leaders all are failing around PSU shutdown

 Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

Look up the word “impotent” in the dictionary (this morning/today) and you’re likely to find elite leadership figures from Portlandia.

A mob of Jew hating activists have taken over a building at Portland’s downtown campus of PSU and those in charge can only bluster.

Pictures inside show a “fortified” occupation with expensive vandalism and graffiti.

PSU President Ann Cudd declares “we cannot allow continued occupation of the library”. Yet Cudd, herself, invited this mob to set up camp at the library.

The cops aren’t much better. Two days ago, Chief Bob Day threatened to send in his officers…but as of Tuesday morning, they’re just standing by, burning overtime.

Day’s boss, Feckless Ted Wheeler, declared this a criminal act two days ago…but Teddy sits only months away from exiting his massive failure as Mayor.

Why would he change now?

Soon-to-be unelected District Attorney Mike Schmidt-Show’s promise to prosecute the protestors is “future faking”.

We know Mike’s track record when he agrees with criminals.

Meanwhile, PSU fails its real students, who’ve had classes canceled, dorms evacuated and Jewish students spit on and called “zionist pigs”.

All these elite leaders think if they dither long enough these criminals will just leave voluntarily and without any punishment at all.

Leadership by benign negligence at its best.