Riot spreads beyond PSU in broad daylight

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

On Wednesday PSU Library protestors took the streets in broad daylight and began to wreck local businesses with no one stopping them.

Portland Police photo below:


KGW-TV video news clip showed a bashed ATM machine.


This vandal message below refers to when in 1991 President Bush visited Portland and protestors created such chaos that a staffer called Portland “Little Bierut”.

Willamette Week reported on this fad “… many of the city’s residents have embraced the nickname with T-shirts, bumper stickers, a compilation of Portland punk called Anarchy in Little Beirut and the group B.E.I.R.U.T. (Boisterous Extremists for Insurrection against Republicans and other Unprincipled Thugs).”  


This Pioneer Square Nordstrom always gets hit.


Here is the same Nordstrom from 2021 protest (as documented by Taxpayers Association)


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