Eugene tempts voter chaos with Rank Voting (No 20-349)

Taxpayers Association of Oregon urges No vote on Measure 20-349 ranked choice measure

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Ranked choice voting scheme is a bad idea.

It forces voters away from voting for their favorite candidate and forces them to vote for the candidates they do not like by ranking their decisions.

Here are some reasons why Measure 20-349 is bad:

Ÿ • Rank choice voting decreases voter turn-out: According to research from an associate professor of political science at San Francisco State University, voter turnout decreased (three to five percentage points on average) in cities where ranked choice voting was used.

Ÿ • Rank choice voting blindsides voters:  In Maine’s rank voting scheme, confusion was so overwhelming that proponents had to release a 19-page instruction manual on how to navigate the process.

Ÿ • Rank choice voting disenfranchises voters: Voters whose first language is not English are more likely to be disenfranchised by this complicated process.

Ÿ • Rank choice voting cost more:  It costs election office more to process the multi-layered voting system.  New York spent $15 million on a “voting education campaign”, in part, trying to help deal with confusion brought on by ranked choice voting.

Ÿ • Rank choice voting delays election results:  The new process not only costs more but it takes more time to determine the winner.

“Ranked-Choice Voting Is Bad for Everyone” said the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board (7/7/21)

“Why Some NYC Lawmakers Want to Rethink Ranked-Choice Voting.  The new system was approved by voters in 2019, but critics, including at least one top mayoral candidate, fear that it may disenfranchise minority voters.” New York Times (6/30/21)

Taxpayers Association of Oregon urges No vote on 26-349 ranked voting scheme

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