4 term limits measures on ballot

Four local term limit measures are on the ballot (Redmond’s Measure #9-169, 9-170, Wilsonville’s Measure 3-608, 3-609)
By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Both good and bad term limit measures are on the May Primary ballot.

In Redmond, there are two measures to create and expand term limits for the city.

Measure #9-169 involves Redmond Mayor Term Limits and Measure #9-170 involves term limits for Redmond City Councilors.

Meanwhile, the City of Wilsonville, is trying to undermine term limits with Measure 3-608 and 3-609.  Voters shouldn’t let politicians undo what voters have passed. Wilsonville voters worked hard to pass City Council term limits in 2020. Now, the City Council wants to create two loopholes that undermine our term limits.  These would increase service limits from 12 years to 17 years and would bring back an appointment scheme that cuts out voters.

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