Confessions of a magic mushroom user

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Right after the Alaska Airline off-duty pilot whom had previously taken psychedelic mushrooms, was arrested for trying to down a plane, one of the Taxpayers Association supporters reached out to us to comment.

The supporter sought to shed light on the role of magic mushrooms based on taking them on nearly 100 different encounters.

What makes the user’s experience different and insightful is that they were mostly taken in a group setting among friends where people demonstrated different results and behaviors. Part of the group experienced the hallucinations while still perceiving the reality around them.  Others lost a grip on reality, and they would blindly  wander off into a street with heavy traffic or steer aimlessly towards a ledge.  It was always up to those who could straddle both worlds to occasionally rescue the others from injuring themselves.    The observations were clear, many people can’t handle the experience and it puts them in grave danger when they lose touch with reality.

Although Oregon’s magic mushrooms are currently administered under a clinical setting, what good is it, if as the off-duty pilot claimed, that you can get a bad experience 48 hours after using them?   Does that pose a danger if in the future thousands of Oregonians are taking it?

If a bus driver takes these psychedelics and two days later has an incidence, those passengers may be at risk.

We issue this insight to stir public debate about psychedelics and what to expect, what to know, what needs to be done.  Email us if you have insights or criticisms on this emerging issue.

P.S. More details and verification of the off-duty pilot case will be forthcoming.

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