Congress #5 race results make Fox front page

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Fox News put the results of Oregon’s 5th Congressional District Race on its front page (#4th largest news website in America) for its significance for who gets to control the U.S. Congress next fall.

Fox News said, “McDonald’s franchise owner backed by top Dems wins key primary that could swing control of Congress The congressional race in Oregon could play a key role in deciding which party controls the House in November. Oregon State Rep. Janelle Bynum won the Democratic primary in Oregon’s 5th Congressional District on Tuesday, putting her on a collision course with the Republican incumbent, Lori Chavez-DeRemer, this fall.Bynum defeated Jamie McLeod-Skinner to advance to face Chavez-DeRemer in a race widely expected to play a significant role in deciding which party controls the House of Representatives.”