Oregon inflation, energy prices, housing spiraling out of control

By Vicki Olson
Oregon writer,

July’s inflation is reported at 8.5% and costs continue to rise for food, gas, and shelter.

Energy Consumer Price Index rose by 32.9%. Electricity prices are accelerating.

Oregonians continue to wrestle with lagging wages, soaring housing costs, and the 5th most expensive gas in the country, July’s inflation report  (or July’s inflation rate) brought more bad news and inflation remains at a near historical high level.

Even with the high inflation numbers and its negative impact, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal said Democrats would aim to increase both corporate and individual taxes next year. This will continue the cycle of the tax-and-spend policies that have failed to bring any relief.

“Any Democrat trying to claim 8.5% inflation is a good thing is either lying or extremely out-of-touch,” said RSLC Spokesman Zach Kraft. “Salem Democrats’ never ending cycle of tax hikes and out-of-control spending has left Oregonians desperate for relief and wanting new leadership. Republicans are ready to step up and fix this mess by lowering costs, cutting taxes, and improving quality of life.”

Oregon’s own, Dutch Bros. recently reported its second price increase in the past few months.   The company told The Oregonian that inflation is hurting sales.